Our aim is to create an environment where students feel supported and nurtured whilst being encouraged to reach their full potential. Dancing is an art form and our focus is to ensure we assist each individual in developing their own artistry within their dancing as well as learning correct foundations and technique. 


At ELITE goals are set each term and continuous support with each individual student ensures that those goals are achieved. ELITE students and faculty are constantly striving to improve and raise the standard of training, choreography and performance quality given in our studios. Teamwork is the core value of the school and regular team building activities are held to encourage our students to become respectful hard working students and performers. 

We believe it is important that students are developed and trained in an artistic environment where there is one on one contact between the staff and students. We aim to bring style, technique, confidence and joy to each student. We offer regular industry workshops to help develop our students style and versatility, this ensures that if any of our students want to enter the performing arts industry as a career they have the tools to succeed. By outsourcing some of the top choreographers and master teachers in the industry the students are benefitting from working professionals but also thriving from the personalised care given at smaller performing arts schools. ELITE caters for competition classes and recreational classes, we have something to suit all ages, abilities and styles.


Whether you are dancing for fun or competitively ELITE PERFORMANCE STUDIOS is the place to be. 

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