All classes on the timetable that are labelled 'PERFORMANCE' are by audition only. Our annual auditions are at the end of Term 2, however if you would like to schedule an audition please feel free to email us directly. All classes that are not labelled 'Performance' are for any student to enjoy. The Artistic Director will advise what level is most suitable in these styles. If you are unsure what class to enrol in please email, we are more than happy to help. All new students receive access to our members page which has our studio's policies and information on timetables, competition requirements and training programs. 



8/u - you must still be 8 years or younger by 1st May 

10/u - you must still be 10 years or younger by 1st May 

12/u - you must still be 12 years or younger by 1st May 

14/u - you must still be 14 years or younger by 1st May 

Senior - You may be any age












ELITE PERFORMANCE STUDIOS is located in a safe and secure industrial complex, please do not park in any of the car spots on the studio level before 5.00pm. There is a car park up the level 1 ramp on a rooftop and a lift can be caught up to the level 2 if you need to come into the studio before 5.30pm. On a weekend and last class pick up during week nights, parents are permitted to park in the spots on the studio side of the complex. DO NOT PARK in the spots on the opposite side of the studio at any time as these warehouses are used 24/7. Pick up and drop off directly in front of the studio is encouraged and permitted at all times. If there are spots available directly out the front of the studio roller door you are also permitted to park there. If you need to come into reception, parking in the car park on the road level/level 1 car park ramp or street and catching the lift up to level 2 is our most advised option. WE ENCOURAGE DROP & GO AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE 

All students are to be in tight fitting black, white or grey dancewear in all classes or ELITE branded T shirts and singlets available from our 'MERCH' store.

Custom ELITE dancewear is also available. All ballet uniform is listed on our student page and handbook.

We are also a DIAMOND STATUS MDM school and recommend the dance footwear from the below website.


ELITE MERCH SHOP - T Shirts, Singlets, Long Sleeves, Jackets & Hoodies all available to be customised with your names and delivered to your home.

ELITE DANCEWEAR - Big orders a few times a year with exclusive dancewear range for ELITE students only by Stage Ready Dance Creations. 

ELITE PERFORMANCE STUDIOS is located at 19/122-126 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale, 2100